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Track Name: the wind will blow away
the wind will blow away
all that we love
all that we crave for
the wind will blow away

early morning
wet with sin
traces of teeth on your neck
you wake in vain

the wind will blow away
shore and sand
my clotted blood
and wink of your eye

the wind will blow away
flags from barricades
romantic ideals
revolutionaries butchers

the wind will blow away
the quietness of our room
small pieces of heaven
above our lives

all that we laughed at
it will blow away all the tears
taste and smell of autumn
leaves from the sidewalk

the wind will blow
to your star
Track Name: jugment day
I walk on the palm of the devil
I repent and I fall into darkness
My sin is too heavy
my crucifix was born in the early morning

passenger arrives in town
he's walking through the streets of misery
to a whore he does not strip a skirt
freak in the flame of bonfires

smells of incense is closing your eyes
your religion is the wind and Poetry
spit in the wine and scratch the skin
your face in the mirror fades

rains are not like they used to be
falling from the sky like Judgment Day
Track Name: dogs on chain
tonight the sky is
purple and blue
like the rain will fall
like the end is near
everything looks weird
like corpses of dead people

After the storm
(I see only) ded birds
on the shore

why give up
so easily
maybe I'm to blame
I may not love you
strong enough

The night is damp
Blood dries quickly
keep dogs on a chain
keep them away from me
Track Name: sad love song
lyrics by Nikita Stanesku...

Only my life will die for me, in truth,
Only the grass knows the taste of the earth.
In truth, only my blood misses
my heart when it leaves.
The air is tall, you are tall,
my sadness is tall.

There comes a time when horses die.
There comes a time when machines grow old.
There comes a time when cold rains fall,
and every woman wears your head-
and clothes.

There also comes a huge white bird
and lays the moon in the sky.
Track Name: in my dream
I sat on a river bank
watching time coming
the water was muddy and quiet
maybe I grew up too fast

I sat on a river bank
throwing stones into water
it was autumn and leaves were falling
yellow orange lonely

in my dream
pictures are so alive
Track Name: old town
My town is without a face
but white room is breating
dog's looking at me
dog knows me
oblivion is on

This old town is without morning
your hands are tired
forgotten ships
sailing away
oblivion is on

You are awakening too late
too late to say goodbye