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released September 19, 2012



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are you weird collective Western Sahara

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Track Name: sinful son blues
sinful son blues

Oh, mother
I am blind
I can't see anything
My eyes are closed

Oh, mother
Your son wanders and looks for
Some new road
Through the darkest night

Oh, mother
I am lost
My mind poisoned
My soul sore

Oh, mother
Your son wanders and looks for
Some new road
Through the darkest night

Oh, mother
Leave a candle on the window
Your son is tired
And looks for his way home

Oh mother
Your sinful son is coming back
Oh, mother
Forgive your son
Track Name: nocturno

all cities look alike
streets and squares and people and pigeons
and faces look alike
and they all reflect joys and sorrows

and I thought that those days would never end
and now all colours fade away
like a drug,rememberance takes me back
again and again to my childhood

and sometimes snow falls even in this town
and sometimes I feel so good
and sometimes I want to live forever
as a picture on my grandpa's wall

and the first thing I remember about my childhood
is my father drinking, my mother crying
I am a sad man
happier than the world I live in

I am damned if I give up
Track Name: black love
black love

black love,
ocean and sand,
here's comes the rain again,
here's comes the sun again,

there is no rainbow over the Atlantic
Track Name: damned road
Damned road

God hasn't been living here for a long time
For a long time his lambs have been beasts
Light is the darkest dark
Flowers are full of thorns

A man has been in chains here for a long time
And my verse is a cry and lamentation
Sad sadness of a sinful son
restlessly searches for his joy

And you are my greatest love
And my grave will be our home
In the deep eternal darkness
Our ashes will become One

And this is a damned road
This curse I can't break
There are no tears that I can shed
Track Name: drop of rain
Track Name: stay a child
stay a child

I write letters without addresses
anxiety makes my dreams
shadow of doubt on my face
I am an angel in time that doesn't exist

the city is a desert
people are grey immitations of life
and freedom dies in cigarette smoke
I am an angel in time that doesn“t exist

a child
Stay a child
Track Name: a man without mask
a man without mask

I am old
Five lives old
I am looking for mercy
On the face of anxiety

I am young
As are hands of a newborn
Brings us gifts
Little boxes in printed paper

A man without a mask
Lives alone in a toy box
Takes me
Take me down
To the water

My soul is in chains
And I just sing
Track Name: birds

the heaven speaks
the language of tears
you open the windows
and look out

you say
look at the birds

it's morning in town
the town dreamy and vague
man and woman in bed
the news on the radio

you say
look at the birds